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All the Colours of the Me

Some day we'll find it, the Rainbow Connection...

This is a personal journal.

This is a life-centered journal and diversity is very welcome here. Racism, ableism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, etc. are not welcome in this space.

I'm housebound and unable to use the phone much due to chronic disabling illness. I use my DW and LJ journals to socialise with friends, family, and acquaintances. While I've seen many people differentiate between "online friends" and "real friends", my online friends are very much my real friends.

I expect anyone interacting in my journal to understand that, to recognise that my journals are my virtual homes, and to behave accordingly.

I read the journals of people whom I find interesting, smart, funny, etc; I generally only give access to people I feel are at least "proto-friends", ie people I like and feel that when we know each other better, we may well become good friends. While there are exceptions, that's the usual rule.

I enjoy meeting new people, but I also very much appreciate people saying "hello" when they'd like to add me so I know who they are.

I live with my partner and our 6 cats in a little 70 year old cattycornered cottage on 20 acres about 15 miles from town.

I've been intuitive and had out of body experiences since early childhood; I've worked with tarot, done readings, done healing work, and worked with energy since my teens. My website is Starfire Studio; I do readings professionally. My professional blog is here on my site.

I'm an author. My non-fiction books are "Angelic Encounters" and "Visits From Beyond" by C.A. Starfire; my YA fantasy novella is "Oak and Mirrors" by Ceri Evans. Both are available in ebook format at Amazon and other e-book retailers. A paperback of "Oak and Mirrors" is also available via Amazon.

My hobbies include genealogy, knitting, digital painting, gardening, felting, herbalism, fountain pens, out of body exploration, fermenting and pickling, doodling, writing, sewing, drawing, and reading. I'm fascinated by permaculture, food forest gardening, and building with cob.

I'm extremely literal both in what I say and what I read. I'm Autistic and I've also had multiple brain injuries to compound the issue. The literal meaning of what I say (or what I perceive the literal meaning to be) is most likely exactly what I mean. I've had a few people tell me that they know I really mean X if I say Y; if you don't trust me to be truthful and/or you're in doubt about what I mean, I'd much rather you ask than presume.

In a similar vein, please tell me clearly what you want me to know, because I'll miss hints, even if you think they're obvious.

ICON POLICY: Rainbow bordered icons are my own; please don't take them without asking. If I share it with you, I'll want you to use your own border rather than my own Rainbow border (I get cranky when people use my personal rainbow border!).


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